This project is under a Non Discloser Agreement. I┬ácan’t share much about it beyond some images used for marketing purposes.

As part of Product Development, we produced the teaching materials for English students from 3 to 6 years old in China, Russia and Indonesia, big markets where English use is a bit behind and a lot of pressure is put into the kids. To help them, we put together a series of fun materials that keep them engaged and motivated at the same time it covered all the academic needs.

An activity app for the students to play after class with visually appealing activities and a rewarding motivational framework.

A series of textbooks designed as an appealing object that helps students develop their motor skills and see their physical progression.

A dashboard for parents to track their kid’s progress and time spent in the app, which pushed recommendations for the parents accordingly.

A 360 educational experience to help students learn and stay motivated. Exploiting the latest technology at the service of parents, teachers and students. From interactive whiteboards to augmented reality and smart assistants.